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    Zhongshan XuWei Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. which always focus on the researchof electromagnetic induction heating And infrared Cooker, production and sales, is a company of great abilities of structural design, circuit development as well as commercial electromagnetic heating programming, making it become competitive in world market.

    We are committed to providing high-quality movement and body for customers and got reorganization of well-knownoriginal equipment manufacturer and agents from home and abroad. We also offer personalized services with shape structure, performance, and special requirements. We have several independent intellectual property products that solute the commercial induction cooker problems of waterproofing, pest control, and dustproofing. Optimization of duct designand distinctive temperature control system, truly make it a constant power output. Standard production lines, accurate laboratory equipment and quality inspection for each product is a strong guarantee.

    Safety, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and win-win is our duty. Energy conservation and emission reduction is our business philosophy. We will keep innovation and integrity to make it a better life.

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